Volunteer Lawyers Program

New York is blessed with a wealth of talented and committed professionals willing and able to share their expertise and experience to help others.  PFCR seeks to tap into this wealth of talent through its Volunteer Lawyers Program.

The Volunteer Lawyers Program has two components.  The first and most extensive involves individual attorneys who make a long-term commitment to PFCR and become part of the organization’s staff, working in the office two to four days per week.  Most volunteer attorneys join PFCR after long and successful careers in other legal fields.  PFCR’s senior attorneys provide all volunteers with intensive training in special education and/or SSI legal practice and offer ongoing supervision to support the volunteer attorneys’ work.

More than twenty volunteer attorneys have served as part of PFCR’s staff since the firm’s creation, beginning with Founder and President Warren J. Sinsheimer.  PFCR’s volunteer attorneys have provided thousands of hours of service to our low-income clients, substantially expanding the reach and impact of the organization’s legal services.

More recently, PFCR has expanded its Volunteer Lawyers Program to include pro bono partnerships with New York City law firms.  PFCR partners with pro bono firms on individual projects within its special education and SSI practices and also offers ongoing pro bono partnerships to firms willing to make a long-standing commitment to support the organization and its clients.

If you are an attorney who would like to volunteer your services for PFCR, or if your firm is interested in pro bono opportunities, please send a cover letter and resume to Executive Director Todd Silverblatt at with the subject line “Volunteer Lawyers Program.”

The dedication of PFCR’s volunteer attorneys serves to advance the rights of the underprivileged children we serve.  Our young clients deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and succeed in life.  The challenge is great; the rewards are enormous.”

Todd Silverblatt
Executive Director

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